5 Best Pest Control Tips for Spring

Everyday Pest Prevention Tips

Spring is coming! For most of you, this season of the year is all about warm weather, short dresses and blooming flowers. Sadly, springs come along with creepy pests too. With the blooming season, your hidden pests emerge homeless, hungry and ready to give birth. After the chilling winters, the pests find it easy to nest in your home. So, when you start with your spring cleanings, it’s best to save your home against any unwanted creatures. So, let’s check out the best five pest control tips for springs below.

5 Finest Pest Control Tips & Tricks For Spring

  • Avoid Standing Water

Pests love standing water! If you have standing water in or outside your home, you are unknowingly inviting pests. Correct any leak or standing water as soon as you notice them. This is because such stagnant water areas serve as breeding grounds for pests, especially mosquitoes. Moreover, clear your gutters on time to make sure water is flowing smoothly. 

  • Treat the Boundaries Of Your Home

Cleaning your home perimeters can be your prime line of safety against irritating pests. For this, you can use insecticides or hire a local pest control expert. A regular spray of insecticides and pesticides not only saves you from pests but also helps in maintaining a healthy environment.

  • Store Food In Airtight Containers

Keeping foodstuffs anywhere inside or outside your house can attract nasty pests. Garden wastes, pet foods and leftover items attract pests. Pest controllers suggest storing food in airtight and sealed containers is a reliable way to avoid insects. Moreover, they also recommend fencing around your kitchen garden to save your veggies.

  • Keep Your Home Clean

Garbage like trash cans and leftover packets is a welcome invitation for pests. Like- ants, ticks and insects happily reside in these areas. So, clean all your garbage from your garden and clean all the areas under your porch or deck. Incase left unnoticed, these quiet areas can serve as a home for nasty pests.

  • Entryways To Your Home Must Be Sealed

Gaps, holes and cracks in your house’s base make the best entrance for insects. You may use caulk to seal these areas by mainly focusing on the outside openings that go outdoors. Also, do not ignore that window screens can serve as pest doors as well. No matter what the weather is, keep your doors shut. Moreover, open doors and windows are big doorways for termites to invade your place.

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